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WCP Transactional Funding is owned by experienced real estate investors that understand the wholesale market. Not all the time can an assignment of contract work, so a funding source to help out the investor close a transaction is needed.

Our company strives to help the wholesale investor make the most money in the shortest amount of time without too much paperwork! We have a very easy process of loaning money to fund the transaction when a same day close is needed on both ends.

At this time, WCP Transactional Funding is only loaning the DFW market area.

When a real estate partner did not receive substantive attention nor follow-up calls from a particular lender, we helped fund his transaction privately. The experience proved exciting and lucrative, as a brand new future opened our doors. We were able to help a real estate investor buy and sell a property profitably and ALL parties won.

WCP Funding’s owners have over 36 years of experience in real estate investing for buy and holds, 1 – 4 families, condominiums, multifamily, and pre-foreclosures.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive transactional funding company in the real estate industry, and have worked hard to be the best, especially during this economy.

Our staff is hand-picked. They have some of the sharpest minds in real estate and are recognized for their superior organizational and project management skills, leadership, detailed planning, problem solving, relationship building, finest customer service, and the relentless pursuit of transaction funding solutions for a global real estate client base.

WCP Funding’s rates for same-day, back-to-back real estate transactional funds are one of the lowest AND our services are superior – personal, courteous, efficient, reliable, with a deep attention to detail to make everyone’s closing as smooth as possible.